Who We Are



Building client success and healthy community through civil engineering excellence

Our Story (aka Vision)

We believe God creates all things for useful purpose. All beings have value and find joy and meaning in their unique purposes. God has continually provided for us, and work is our grateful and worshipful response. We worship God in our work as engineers by using our unique talents in service to others. We love to add value, solve problems, create alignment, and make things work.

As we seek to know God and His purposes in our work, He energizes our company culture around a vision for Healthy Community. Healthy Community refers to all our business relationships and has physical expression in the excellent infrastructure and great places we design. A Healthy Community is resilient, effective, sustainable, harmonious, continuously improving, purposeful, and highly profitable.

Most of all, Healthy Community extends to creating delight and success for our clients, who are our reason for existing as an enterprise.

Our commitment to building Healthy Community where we live and work serves our clients’ interests by creating environments where their projects flourish.

In our era of globalization and technology, we gratefully embrace the opportunity to rethink through design how humans will thrive in community and in harmony with the planet. Ward Edwards Engineering aspires to be the indispensable partner in building Healthy Community everywhere we live and work.

Guiding Principles

To sustain our Mission and aspire to our Vision, we daily strive to

  • pray without ceasing

  • make promises and keep them

  • delight everyone who interacts with us

  • engage in our communities

  • invest in our team and families

  • maintain the best tools for our work

  • standardize all key processes (work in progress)

  • train rapidly for success (work in progress)

  • develop each person’s unique talents (work in progress)

  • integrate the best new ideas into our work

  • recruit the best (work in progress)

  • replicate our culture (future)

  • celebrate, laugh, and give thanks

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Name-Fjalla One 
Weight- 400

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Weight- 400

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Name-Fjalla One 
Weight- 400

Name-Libre Franklin
Weight- 400

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