Celebrate With Us!

Ward Edwards Engineering has turned 30! Over 30 years in business, we have designed infrastructure valued at nearly $1 billion for over 3,000 clients and have begun to see our vision become reality: healthy coastal communities among the most desirable in the world to call home. Come join us! We're just getting started!


Build community with us!

A civil engineer is one who cleverly plans and formulates community.

We view ourselves as community builders in every sense of the word.

Our job is to design systems that a community needs for transportation, water, sewer, drainage, power, communications, and environmental protection. These systems influence the way a community works for generations. 

What a magnificent responsibility and privilege!


We Invest in Community

Our commitment to building healthy community where we live and work serves our clients’ interests by creating relationships, business conditions, and physical environments where their projects flourish.


Let’s Win Together

Why Us?

Service Commitment 

We bring senior experience + production capacity to every project.

Business Excellence

We prioritize our own business performance, as well as our design services, and we exceed key performance metrics for our industry.

Community Engagement

We invest and engage in the communities where we live and work.


Client Success

Creating delight and success for our clients!