Concept Development 

We are on your team from Day 1. We excel at helping you plan your project. We help you eliminate uncertainties and identify the elements of each project that will define success and the few key challenges that must be overcome. We give you the information you need to make good decisions early.

Typical services during the Concept Development stage include:


Site Consultant Team Leadership

Due Diligence and Feasibility Studies

Land Planning

Site Capacity Analyses

Regulatory Permitting Strategies


Rapid Feasibility Assessment

 Using knowledge and experience from our most senior professionals, rapid feasibility studies help you quickly sort through alternative sites and project approaches to arrive at the best solution. Our approach ensures you minimize investment before you know you have a workable project.

No Surprises

In partnership with legal and financial consultants, our due diligence consulting helps you identify challenges to be overcome, facilitates a strong financial plan, and eliminates cost and schedule surprises.

Solid Project Plan

Pre-project planning maximizes site utilization, defines regulatory compliance strategies and schedules, further defines cost expectations, and makes certain you have the right team on board.


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